Twitch Introduces Hype Chat: A New Way for Streamers and Viewers to Stand Out


Twitch recently unveiled Hype Chat, a chat-pinning feature reminiscent of similar options found on other platforms like YouTube. This new addition provides streamers and viewers with an exciting way to enhance their interactions while also generating additional revenue. Let’s explore how Hype Chat works and the benefits it offers to the Twitch community.

Hype Chat Mechanics

Hype Chat allows viewers to purchase pinned messages that appear prominently at the top of the chat window. To avail of this feature, viewers can pay anywhere from $1 to $500 and craft their message, which will remain pinned until another user with a larger contribution bumps them off the screen. The duration and character count of the pinned messages vary depending on the amount spent, with higher-value contributions enjoying increased visibility and more freedom in message length. Additionally, users who make substantial purchases gain access to various design options, ensuring their message catches the attention of their favorite streamer.

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Revenue Sharing and Availability

Streamers have the flexibility to set their own prices for Hype Chat messages, while Twitch retains 30% of the revenue, with the remaining 70% going to the creator. Currently, Hype Chat is exclusively available to high-profile streamers known as Partners. This limitation ensures that the feature is most effective in fast-moving chat environments with numerous participants. It’s worth noting that Partners cannot opt out of Hype Chat, as reported by The Verge.

Safety Measures and Moderation

Given the internet’s propensity for hateful and discriminatory language, Twitch has implemented robust safety measures to accompany the Hype Chat feature. The platform utilizes a combination of sitewide and streamer-specific banned words and phrases to filter out inappropriate content. Additionally, if a viewer is banned from a chat, their pinned message is automatically removed. All Hype Chat messages are subjected to scrutiny by Twitch’s AutoMod system, and human moderators have the authority to delete messages that violate community guidelines.

Availability and Future Developments

Hype Chat is currently being rolled out on Twitch’s web app, primarily targeting Partners. However, Twitch has plans to expand the feature to its smartphone and tablet apps in the near future, providing a seamless experience across multiple devices.


Twitch’s introduction of Hype Chat adds a new layer of engagement and revenue generation to the platform. By allowing viewers to purchase pinned messages, Twitch aims to provide streamers with additional support and viewers with a means to stand out in lively chat discussions. With safety measures in place and future developments on the horizon, Hype Chat promises to enhance the Twitch experience for both content creators and their audiences.

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